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Start the lease application process

Submit these forms as soon as possible to your REspace agent (even if you have not found a specific property yet, get ahead of the game by talking with a REspace agent (call 512-472-0048) and begin the application process right away):

Download from above:

  1. Lease Application
  2. Guarantor/Co-signer Form (if applicable)
  3. Pet Agreement (if applicable)
  4. Resident Qualifying Criteria
  5. Copy of ID (Driver License, Government ID, Passport)
  6. Proof of Income/Employment: (can be any, but at least one, of the following)
  • Last 3 pay stubs
  • Most recent tax return if still with the same employer
  • Last 3 bank statements showing direct deposits of income
  • Recent employment letter from new employer with pay offer

These are the application fees and deposits that must be paid at the time of application:

  1. Application Fee: $75 per applicant
  2. Guarantor Fee (if needed): $75 per guarantor
  3. Application Deposit: Generally equal to one month’s rent (refundable if application NOT approved) (Note: Application deposit becomes the Security Deposit at the Lease Signing, see full explanation below under Application Process)

Due at  lease signing:

  1. First Month’s Rent
  2. Application Deposit converts to Security Deposit and is refundable at the end of the lease term
  3. Administration Fee: $50 per applicant (not refundable)

Approved Payment Methods:

  • Certified Funds
  • Online Payment (your Leasing Agent can send you an invoice)
  • Online Payment through our website’s Make a Payment page
  • Personal Check: If move-in date is greater than 2 weeks away
  • Money Order/Cashier Check: If move-in date is less than 2 weeks away

Note: Application Fee, Application Deposit/First Month’s rent must each be paid with separate checks

Payments must be brought to the REspace office if not paid online:

2307 Rio Grande St #A, Austin, TX 78705



Map:  https://goo.gl/maps/5KEAyNn4S5v

The leasing process

At REspace, we have access to the best deals on houses, condos, and apartments in the area. Our database covers all available properties for lease and pre-lease in West Campus, North Campus, Hyde Park, Downtown and Central Austin.

Contact us with favorite rental properties from your search, so we can arrange a private tour, or let us do the work by reaching out to us with your search criteria. Our agents are willing and ready to help you find a home that fits your needs.

We’ll will walk you through all of the legal paperwork required to secure your new place and answer any questions along the way.

Below are the basics of what you can expect in this process, what you will need to provide in the way of forms, documents, fees, the approval process, and what happens after signing your lease.

  1. Make your dream list criteria with the type, size and location of the property you’d like
  2. Decide your price range, from lowest to highest
  3. Check out the REspace website and our Facebook page for many great properties, you can include your criteria to quickly zero in on exactly what you want
  4. Contact our REspace office by phone (512-472-0048) or email us at info@respaceaustin.com, or
  5. Drop by our offices at: 2307 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78705 (Map)
  6. One of our experienced agents will team with you and do their best to find the place for you. Your leasing agent will be your advocate to walk with you through the maze of locating properties, keeping you informed of inside information about the properties and neighborhoods you’re interested in and walk with you through the legal aspects of leasing in Austin. Together you’ll narrow down the list of compatible properties you like.
  1. Armed with the list of the compatible properties your REspace agent sends you, it’s now time to quickly choose your favorites
  2. Your leasing agent will arrange a showing of those properties as soon as possible
  3. Once you’ve found “The One” it’s on to the application process
  4. Your leasing agent will walk you through that step as well
  5. When ‘house hunting’ in Austin, it’s vital to move quickly. Landlords generally allow their property to be available until an application is sent to them for approval. The real estate market in Austin is fast-moving and properties will not be reserved until all the application paperwork and fees are completed and submitted by your agent.

Now that you’ve found your dream property, it’s on to the Application Process. This is the most important aspect of leasing, because you want to get all the necessary information to your agent as soon as possible.

BIG TIP: Sending in a fully completed application packet will speed the application process. Time wasted having to collect missing information may lose your perfect property. It’s smart to move quickly to ensure the property you like does not get reserved by someone who got their application in faster than you. The best deals and properties get leased very fast.

You can also download the application forms above and email them to your leasing agent.

To start your application, click on the application invitation you receive from you agent.  We have partnered with the digital application platform, Intellirent, to offer you a seamless digital application experience. After creating your account, you can fill out your application and upload the required documents.  You can access your application again at any time by signing into the application portal. https://respaceaustin.myintellirent.com/sessions/new

All Applicants must be approved by the Landlord/Management Company


Application documents and fees, all of which can be done by following the application invitation link from your agent.


  1. Your Application
  2. Guarantor/Co-signer Application if needed
  3. Pet Agreement, if needed (will be sent for signature by your Agent)
  4. Resident Qualifying Criteria
  5. Application Fee (non-refundable) (see list above)
  6. Proof of Income (for you or your Guarantor)
  7. Copy of your ID
  8. Application Deposit (refundable) (see list above)


Application Deposit: With most properties, the Application Deposit is equal to one month’s rent. Your agent will let you know what the landlord or management company requires.  The Application Deposit is required at the time of application will be refunded to you if you are not approved.  At the time of signing the Lease Agreement, the Application Deposit, is converted to the Security Deposit and will be fully refundable upon move-out, minus any damages or unpaid rent/fees.


Privacy Policy: The application asks for personal information, employment information and references. REspace take steps to ensure that this information is always kept secure and only accessible to authorized personnel.

Proof of Income (POI): All Landlords require proof of income from an applicant or an applicant’s Guarantor. Acceptable Proof of Income from an applicant or guarantor can be any, but least one, of the following:

  • Last 3 pay stubs
  • Most recent tax return if still with the same employer
  • Last 3 bank statements showing direct deposits of income
  • Recent employment letter from new employer with pay offer


Credit and Criminal Background Check: The application authorizes the Landlord and the Landlord’s agent to obtain both a credit report and a criminal background check related to the Applicant or any occupant of the property. These reports help the landlord determine a tenant’s suitability. The Applicants full name (including a middle initial) is required, as is the city and zip code of applicant’s current address, both of which are required to obtain these reports.

Guarantor Application: A Guarantor (or co-signer) is generally required if an applicant does not have a credit score of 640 or greater and an income equal to 2.5 times the total amount of rent of the property being leased. Guarantors are usually parents or other family members willing to take the financial responsibility of the rent in the event that the applicant is unable.

Your REspace agent is eager to help you get approved as quickly as possible. They will work with the Landlord and the Listing Agent to get you approved once your application and fees are completed.

Your leasing agent will be the main person communicating with you regarding the application requirements. They will check all the documents and fees to make sure everything is in order.

It is vital to stay in close touch with your agent until the lease is signed, in case more information is needed. Properties generally stay on the market until approval is received. Once approved, the lease is drawn up and sent electronically via DocuSign for your signature. Your promptness in returning these documents is vital to your success in obtaining the property chosen.

You should be aware of the following details before the Lease Signing:

Pet Deposit: If a pet is included in the lease, a deposit of $250 and a non-refundable fee of $250, a total of $500 for the first pet is required. If an additional pet is included an additional deposit of $50 and a non-refundable fee of $50, a total of $100 is required. These deposits and fees are due at Lease Signing.

Utilities: The tenant is required to put all utilities in his/her name effective on the date of move-in. The utility information will be provided to the tenant with a copy of the fully executed Lease Agreement after signing.

Renters Insurance: It is a requirement to have Renters Insurance prior to obtaining the keys on move-in day. Proof of insurance must be provided on the day of or before picking up the keys.

Keys: The keys to the property can be picked up on move-in day, not before. The tenant must show proof of Renters Insurance and that the Utilities are in his/her name at the time of key pickup or before.

Prorated Rent:  Leases are generally for a 12-month period. If move-in is before the 1st of the month, the days before the 1st will be prorated and will be paid after move-in. The first full month rent is paid at the lease signing and the pro-rated rent is due on the 1st of the second month after move-in. During the remaining months of the lease period the full rent must be paid on the 1st of each month. Most apartment complexes around the UT campus DO NOT prorate rent for the days you are not there. Houses and Condos do.

What’s included in the rent? Generally, the rent does not include utilities (water, sewer, electric), internet, cable. If a property includes any of these services in the rent, it will be clearly stated in the lease.

Parking: Most houses and condos include parking in the rent. While some apartment complexes include parking in the rent, most apartment complexes near the UT campus DO NOT. These apartment complexes charge from $50 to $120 per month for each parking space. It is the tenant’s responsibility to inquire about any parking fees in addition to the rent.

This is what to expect at the time of signing the Lease:

  • Sign the Lease
  • Pay the first complete month of rent plus a $50 administration fee (see approved payment methods in “Application Fees and Deposits” above)
  • Application Deposit converts to the Security Deposit
  • Pay Pet Deposit/Fee if applicable
  • Arrange to have utilities put in your name
  • Arrange for renter’s insurance
  • Arrange for key pickup and move in