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Now that you have found your dream home, it is on to the application process. This is the most important aspect of leasing, because you want to get all the necessary information to your agent as soon as possible. 

PRO TIPSending in a fully completed application packet will speed the application process. Time wasted having to collect missing information may lose your perfect property. It is advised you move quickly to ensure the property you like does not get reserved by someone who got their application in faster than you. The best deals and properties get leased very fast. 

Please download the application forms above and e-mail them to your leasing agent (WORK IN PROGRESS). You may also fill out the online application at the very bottom of this page. All applicants must be approved by the Landlord/Management Company. 

Required documents to complete the application process: 

  1. Your Application
  2. Guarantor/Co-Signer Application (if applicable)
  3. Pet Agreement (if applicable; will be sent for signature by your Agent)
  4. Resident Qualifying Criteria
  5. Application Fee (non-refundable; see list above)
  6. Proof of Income (for you or your Guarantor)
  7. Copy of your ID (Driver License, Government ID, Passport)
  8. Application Deposit (refundable; see list above)  

Application Deposit: With most properties, the Application Deposit is equal to one month’s rent. Your agent will let you know what the landlord or management company requires.  The Application Deposit is required at the time of application will be refunded to you if you are not approved.  At the time of signing the Lease Agreement, the Application Deposit, is converted to the Security Deposit and will be fully refundable upon move-out, minus any damages or unpaid rent/fees. 

Application/Admin Fees (non-refundable) 

  1. Application fee is $75 per applicant
  2. Guarantor fee (if applicable) is $75 per guarantor. 
  3. Administration fee is $50 per applicant. 

Privacy Policy: The application asks for personal information, employment information and references. REspace take steps to ensure that this information is always kept secure and only accessible to authorized personnel. 

Proof of Income (POI): All landlords require proof of income from an applicant or an applicant’s guarantor. Acceptable Proof of Income from an applicant or guarantor can be any, but least one, of the following: 

  1. Last 3 pay stubs
  2. Most recent tax return if still with the same employer
  3. Last 3 bank statements showing direct deposits of income
  4. Recent employment letter from new employer with pay offer 

Credit and Criminal Background Check: The application authorizes the landlord and the landlord’s agent to obtain both a credit report and a criminal background check related to the applicant or any occupant of the property. These reports help the landlord determine a tenant’s suitability. The applicants full name (including a middle initial) is required, as is the city and zip code of applicant’s current address, both of which are required to obtain these reports. 

Guarantor Application: A guarantor (or co-signer) is generally required if an applicant does not have a credit score of 640 or greater and an income equal to 2.5 times the total amount of rent of the property being leased. Guarantors are usually parents or other family members willing to take the financial responsibility of the rent in the event that the applicant is unable. 

Approved Payment Methods:  

  1. Certified Funds
  2. Online Payment (your leasing agent can send you an invoice)
  3. Online Payment through our website’s Make a Payment <hyperlink> page
  4. Personal Check/Money Order/Cashier Check: If move-in date is greater than 2 weeks away
  5. Payments must be brought to the REspace office if not paid online: 2307 Rio Grande St #A, Austin, TX 78705 

Note: Application Fee, Application Deposit/First Month’s Rent must each be paid with separate checks. 


    Real estate agent







    Authorization: Applicant authorizes Landlord and Landlord’s agent, at any time before, during, or after any tenancy, to:

    (1) obtain a copy of Applicant’s credit report;

    (2) obtain a criminal background check related to Applicant and any occupant; and

    (3) verify any rental or employment history or verify any other information related to this application with persons knowledgeable of such information.

    Notice of Landlord’s Right to Continue to Show the Property: Unless Landlord and Applicant enter into a separate written agreement otherwise, the Property remains on the market until a lease is signed by all parties and Landlord may continue to show the Property to other prospective tenants and accept another offer.

    Privacy Policy: Landlord’s agent or property manager maintains a privacy policy that is available upon request.

    Fees: Applicant submits a non-refundable fee of $

    (entity or individual) for processing and reviewing this application.
    will not submit an application deposit of $

    to be applied to the security deposit upon execution of a lease or returned to Applicant if a lease is not executed.

    Acknowledgement & Representation:

    (1) Signing this application indicates that Applicant has had the opportunity to review
    Landlord’s tenant selection criteria, which is available upon request. The tenant
    selection criteria may include factors such as criminal history, credit history, current
    income and rental history.

    (2) Applicant understands that providing inaccurate or incomplete information is grounds
    for rejection of this application and forfeiture of any application fee and may be grounds
    to declare Applicant in breach of any lease the Applicant may sign.

    (3) Applicant represents that the statements in this application are true and complete.




    have submitted an application to lease a property located
    The landlord, broker, or landlord’s representative is:
    (city, state, zip)

    I give my permission:

    (1) to my current and former employers to release any information about my employment history and
    income history to the above-named person;

    (2) to my current and former landlords to release any information about my rental history to the abovenamed person;

    (3) to my current and former mortgage lenders on property that I own or have owned to release any
    information about my mortgage payment history to the above-named person;
    (4) to my bank, savings and loan, or credit union to provide a verification of funds that I have on deposit to the above-named person; and

    (5) to the above-named person to obtain a copy of my consumer report (credit report) from any consumer reporting agency and to obtain background information about me.


    Note: Any broker gathering information about an applicant acts under specific instructions to verify some or all of the information described in this authorization. The broker maintains a privacy policy which is available upon request.

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