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After you’ve found properties that you like, it is now time to quickly choose your favorites.

Your leasing agent will arrange a showing of those properties as soon as possible. **With the emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak, we now have more 3D walk-through virtual tours available. Make sure to look up the property on the REspace website and you should see a tour link in the description. You can also ask your agent if one is available to view for a property you are interested in.

Once you have found your new home, we move on to the application process. Your leasing agent will walk you through this step.

Important Tip: When “house hunting” in Austin, it is vital to move quickly. Landlords generally allow their property to be available until an application is sent to them for approval. The real estate market in Austin is fast-moving and properties will not be reserved until all the application paperwork and fees are completed and submitted by your agent.

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